An easy-to-understand tri-party agreement with mutually acceptable conditions between the software customer, software provider, and Deomkeeper is known as a software source code escrow agreement. A copy of the software source code and any related materials are periodically deposited by the provider under the terms of the Software Escrow Agreement for safekeeping in Deomkeeper secure physical or virtual vaults. This ensures that the contents may be accessed and distributed as needed. If a release occurs, the software client can utilize the escrow deposit to maintain the software using the source code, either internally or by cooperating with another provider.


Protects Investment

Software escrow agreements guarantee the software's long-term availability. Additionally, it safeguards intellectual property.

Independent Verification

It provides users with independent, compliant access from the Deomkeeper platform to the source code to verify the quality and security of the code against vulnerabilities.

Business continuity

The software assurance agreement supports the continuity of the organization while enhancing operational and development flexibility and reducing the operational risks of the organization from any of the risks that may arise from software providers by ensuring continuity in agreement with the Deomkeeper platform to maintain the source code of the organization.

Dedicated Security

Deposits are kept in a safe location within our cloud infrastructure, which is supervised round-the-clock by the Deomkeeper security operations center.

Enables Compliance

Compliance with audit requirements, key technology outsourcing regulation rules, and guidance can be supported with the use of a Software Escrow Agreement.

Controlling supplier risk

By guaranteeing that business continuity plans are carried out with the least amount of disturbance or downtime, a software escrow agreement reduces the risk of IT supply chain disruption.


An agreement for the escrow of software is customized for your company. It depends on whether the software you want to secure is used by one or several organizations and whether it is hosted on-premises or in a cloud environment.

To fulfill various organization needs, Deomkeeper provides software escrow agreements. to discover more about the Source Code Escrow Agreement. Get in touch with us right now.

How does the Escrow work effectively for Software?

Create the Arrangement

Our team will engage in conversation with all parties in order to negotiate and come to an agreement on the terms of the escrow contract, which will include the frequency of deposits, quality requirements, release criteria, and verification testing requirements, among other things.

Deposit & Verification

The escrow deposit will be constructed through a collaborative effort between the software provider and our in-house technical team. Once finished, the escrow deposit, along with any necessary supporting documentation, will be stored in our vaults. Verification testing will be carried out if it is requested, and documentation of the construction will be delivered along with the deposit.

Software Release Requirements Escrow Agreement

We will begin the process of closing the agreement with the depositor based on the beneficiary's acceptance of the criteria from the previously prepared agreement if the criteria for closing the previously agreed software warranty agreement are met.

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